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America is Under Attack

After a week of telling all of our European Allies and NATO to go pound rocks, and then toping off his foreign tour with the grand finale by cozying up to Vladimir Putin like a spanked puppy, the Stain on America who is masquerading as the President of the United States is attempting to change the public narrative to anything but his obvious treasonous support of an enemy.

Trump’s Tweet before leaving for his New Jersey golf club was to resurrect the NFL taking-a-knee protest, which is a constitutionally protected expression of the First Amendment freedom of speech.  Albeit clumsily and amateur, his desperation to change the narrative is pervasive.

It appears likely that the tape recording of Michael Cohen and Trump regarding a pay-off to former Playboy model Karen McDougal was leaked to the New York Times by the Trump camp.  At this juncture, with the obvious treasonous behavior of Trump dominating all media, anything is better in the news cycle than Trump’s having sold out America.


As a Nation, the United States is experiencing a historic period, which may well be chronicled among its darkest stains.

With the assistance of at least one foreign foe, The Russian Federation, The United States elected and seated an individual into the Office of President of the United States, whose decorum is demonstratively representative of his core character.

Some may argue that many of the actions of the current occupant of the United States Presidency are a collective Stain on America.  This commemorative coin exemplifies the very core of the person whose quotation appears on its reverse side.

Within his first five hundred thirty days as the occupant of the Office of the United States Presidency, that White House tenant has cataloged over three thousand untruthful or misleading statements to America, Her People and Her free press; he has caused grievous and irreparable damage to Her most sacred institutions; through a cunning and mendacious scheme, he has decimated Her intell…

Donald Trump is Considered Treasonous

After the performance of Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit, it is now beyond any doubt whatsoever that Trump is compromised, he is a Russian Asset and he is Putin’s Puppet.

Trump clearly colluded with Russia - not only during his campaign, but he colluded with Russia in plain view at the Helsinki summit.  The evidence is irrefutable that Trump has clearly committed high crimes and misdemeanors and without any doubt, he has committed treason against the United States.

There is reasonable suspicion throughout the World intelligence community that the private meeting between Trump and Putin focused around Russia’s capability to interrupt, shut down or destroy the United States electrical and water infrastructure.  Should Trump be indicted, impeached or otherwise experience any interruption to his position as the sole dictator of the new America, Trump and Putin may well put the United States into darkness.

It is believed that Trump will begin facilitating the dism…