As a Nation, the United States is experiencing a historic period, which may well be chronicled among its darkest stains.

With the assistance of at least one foreign foe, The Russian Federation, The United States elected and seated an individual into the Office of President of the United States, whose decorum is demonstratively representative of his core character.

Some may argue that many of the actions of the current occupant of the United States Presidency are a collective Stain on America.  This commemorative coin exemplifies the very core of the person whose quotation appears on its reverse side.

Within his first five hundred thirty days as the occupant of the Office of the United States Presidency, that White House tenant has cataloged over three thousand untruthful or misleading statements to America, Her People and Her free press; he has caused grievous and irreparable damage to Her most sacred institutions; through a cunning and mendacious scheme, he has decimated Her intelligence community and Her national security apparatus; he has alienated America’s closest World allies; he has surrounded himself with sycophants that have facilitated the dismantlement of revered protections – all of which were implemented For the People and By the People; he has stated that the Founders who penned the United States Constitution were unfair to him and his autocratic aspirations, as he conspicuously romances symbiotic relationships with history’s most appalling and decadent despots; he has announced that the nation’s free press is the enemy of the American People; he has disparaged women, the disabled, and virtually every race that is not Caucasian; he has divided our nation by acquiescing the very ignorance that accommodates an esoteric agenda of sowing fear, bigotry and hate; he has separated children from their parents solely for his personal sadistic and narcissistic gratifications; and, he has displayed cavalier, categorical and reckless disregard for the Rule of Law.

There are many words and expletives that are used to describe the individual who occupies the Office of the United States Presidency at this time.  However there is nothing that serves to more fully define an individual’s core character better than the individuals’ own spoken words.

Whether or not a person is a supporter of the individual that occupies the Office of the United States Presidency, the plethora of repugnant comments made by Donald Trump captures the essence of that individual’s ethical character, his moral compass, and his capacity, or absence thereof, to lead a people who have spilled blood and spent treasure to defend the Worlds’ “Shining City Upon a Hill.”

Two Hundred Forty Two Years of building and maintaining Her Independence, currently in decline, yet confident that America will witness Her Constitutions’ finest hour.


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