Is Twitter covertly, but expressly supporting a Russia / Trump agenda to influence the 2018 Midterm Elections?

The United States intelligence community and Department of Justice have unanimously opined that there is unquestionable evidence that the Russian government knowingly, and deliberately influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election, that its influence was specifically targeted and intended to help Trump win, and it was intended to hurt his opponent(s).  Even Vladimir Putin has admitted on video, during a press conference in Helsinki that he wanted Trump to win the election and that he instructed his subordinates to help facilitate that objective.

It is also common knowledge that many Social Media platforms provided a vehicle to facilitate the objectives of the Russian influence campaign.

We are now learning that an anonymous conspiracy-monger launched a domestic based movement – an organization calling itself the “Q.”

“Q” is a reference to QAnon, a group of people attempting to decode vague, anonymous comments posted on dark web message boards such as 4chan and 8chan. It's also been called “The Storm” and linked to conspiracy theory Pizzagate, that prompted a 28-year-old man to open fire inside a D.C. pizza shop.

“Q” is the 17th letter of the alphabet. We are hearing Donald Trump use the number 17 at rallies, arguably to excite this part of his base – a kind of call to action.

During his Tuesday evening (July 31, 2018) rally in Tampa, Florida, Trump reflected on becoming president, telling the Florida audience that he had only been to Washington about “17 times” before he took office.

Many people in the audience held signs with the letter “Q,” and Trump’s use of the number 17 might have been the dog whistle that sent the crowd into an angry, aggressive and menacing attack on media personnel, including Jim Acosta of CNN.

In an August 2, 2018 Vanity Fair article by Gabriel Sherman, (“The Manafort trial is spinning [him] into a frenzy,”) Trump is quoted as stating, “Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!”

People might recall that Trump’s standard phrase when referring to the Robert Mueller legal team was, “Mueller and his 13 angry democrats.”  Although both statements regarding 13 or 17 angry democrats are ludicrous, the use of the number 17 might arguably be a call to the “Q” to begin taking some kind of nefarious action against Robert Mueller and members of his legal team.

There are numerous uses of the dog whistle “17” by Trump, however in the interest of brevity, anyone can Google this and read countless incidents, however it is recently with increasing frequency and alarming results.

While many Social Media platforms like Facebook have taken a very aggressive and proactive approach to curbing the use of its platforms for election meddling, Twitter has shown some indication that it favors Trump and expressly forbids advertising on its platform that is anti-Trump.

The author of this piece has the Twitter handle, “@StainOnAmerica.”  It is not anonymous, but rather it is verified to the author’s real name, telephone number, and personally identifiable information.  The author is a United States citizen.

On July 10, 2018, the author began an advertising campaign, and paid the first pricey monthly payment for a “Promote Mode” account.

An advertising campaign was placed promoting a recently minted coin, commemorating Donald Trump as “History’s Most Autocratic and Petulant” President of the United States.  The back of the coin includes Trump’s exact quotations from the infamous Access Hollywood video.

The coin is not a joke.  It is emblematic of the individual who is occupying the United States Presidency, as a result of Russian assistance.  His own words on the reverse side of the coin clearly define his ethical character, his moral compass, and his capacity, or absence thereof, to hold any office of responsibility.

Twitter cancelled the ads immediately, and despite a half dozen appeals, Twitter would not allow the ads to run.

According to Twitter’s customer service statement, the ads, “[v]iolating content includes, but is not limited to, that which is offensive, vulgar, or obscene,” presumably because the ads link to the Commemorative Coin website at

Indeed, the words on the reverse side of the coin are “offensive, vulgar, or obscene,” but they are the exact words spoken by the President of the United States.  The Commemorative Coin is a historic emblem that simply chronicles a very dark period in American history.  They are the spoken words of Donald J. Trump.

A letter was sent to Twitter’s General Counsel, Ms. Vijaya Gadde, Esq. on July 11, 2018, asking that Twitter reconsider its decision to cancel the ad accounts.  The letter provided twenty-five days for Ms. Gadde to present a reply.

Ms. Gadde’s and Twitter’s silence is deafening.  There has been absolutely zero response, and Twitter never even offered to refund the unused advertising money that it charged and received – to clarify none of the money was used.

A copy of the letter to Ms. Gadde is available at:

Given the number of denied appeals, and an overnight written appeal to an officer and the highest ranking legal authority at Twitter, Inc., it raises cynicism with a reasonable person as to whether Twitter is working cooperatively with Trump and Russia, and perhaps the “Q” to influence the 2018 midterm election.

There are many historical events that are “offensive, vulgar, or obscene.”

Separating children from their parents and locking children in cages, the JFK Zapruder Films, the Vietnam Conflict, film of the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960’s, slavery, the Japanese internment camps and the killing of six million Jews, just to name a few.  Those are historic, and none have been banned from any advocacy publications.

Twitter has provided no other explanation, and its silence arguably speaks volumes about its support for Trump, Russia and the “Q” movement by banning advertising to

- David J. Koch

- (No relation whatsoever to David H. Koch or the Koch Brothers.)


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